Body Fat Percentage

 Body Fat Percentage

Body Fat Percentage, Ok we know that less is better when it comes to body fat right? But how do we know how much is less? Lets find out how to measure your Body Fat Percentage right now, it only takes a few minutes...
Percentage of body fat is a real factor in both health and fat loss. Knowing what percentage of fat you are carrying compared to your muscle can go a long way toward assuring that you are losing fat and not precious muscle as you drop weight. So how do you go about figuring it out?

Body Fat Percentage

Well body fat percentage is measure using an index called BMI which is short for Body Mass Index. This index is nothing more than a simple equation for calculating body fat percentages.
Now to start you should know what your percentage should be. For us ladies a healthy body fat percentage ranges from 21% up to 31% If you are a fitness freak or an athlete, then your body fat may be as low as 10%. 

Just for reference, a guys an average range is between 14% and 25%. For the super chiseled it could be as low as 2%, though this is not safe for any extended length of time.

How To Calculate
This is a very simple equation involving your height, weight and some multiplication and division.
First take your weight and multiply it by 703.
Next you will need to know your height in inches.
You will multiply the height in inches times itself.
Text take your multiplied height number number and divide it by the multiplied weight number you just calculated. 

That is your Body Mass Index
Here's how the calculations work. If you are a 150lb gal, you would multiply 150 x 703 and get 105,450. If your height is 5 feet and 4 inches then the total in inches would be 64 inches. So multiplying 64 x 64 gets you 4,096. Now you take 105,450 and divide it by 4,096 and you come out with a BMI of 25.7.

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