Army Bmi Calculator

Army Bmi calculator is the U.S standard calculation of fitness for entry in to the force, within the specified allowed fat percentage. Each individual's body fat percentage has to comply within a range of the age groups listed. Your gender has a role within the calculation as male and female body fat is scientifically different due to women carrying more fat than males. Body fat percentages are an important factor in determining the amount of fat on a person's body, which if too low or too high indicates risks on that individuals health overall.

Army Bmi Calculator

Health risks whether seemingly insignificant to you should not be dealt with lightly, ignoring any kind of health risk is silly as you wont be aware of any dangers upon you and then the chance of you increasing it in to a dangerously high factor of ill-health are very imminent. Keeping a balance between better foods and exercise will result in weight loss at the speed your body chooses, so do not push yourself over your limits, we all have them.

Starting up a new active career or any other personal goals that involve a health assessment of your body fat, the army Bmi calculator can still be used if you require the final percentage. The Army's Body Fat Worksheet is the standard by which the US army measures the health and weight of its members or potential members. Don't be mislead by the name though, 'The Army Body Fat Worksheet', isn't solely of use to military personnel, it can be extremely helpful to anyone looking to improve their weight and lifestyle, by means of a balanced diet and a good exercise program.

After you have checked your weight and body fat count using a tool like the Army body fat worksheet or the BMI index you will know whether or not action is required and if so how drastically it needs to be taken. Irrespective of whether you body weight is good or bad, lifestyle changes can still be made that will improve your health generally, including your energy levels.

1. Regular exercise:
    Regular exercise is vital to a healthier lifestyle.

2. Diet:
    If we eat a lot of fatty foods we will inevitably put on weight, but diet isn't about cutting out the           things we love, it's about eating a balanced diet.

 3. Detoxification
     So check yourself against the Army Body Fat Worksheet or BMI index, and take affirmative              action, if needed, to achieve a healthy lifestyle that will improve the way you live and also prolong      your life.

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