Diet Before Colonoscopy

Diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation usually starts three to four days prior to the colonoscopy procedure. Sometimes doctors can send "unprepared" patients home after starting the procedure if the patient did not follow all the instructions.

Diet Before Colonoscopy

Three to four days Diet Before Colonoscopy:

Stop eating fiber and stop taking fiber supplements and bulking bowel cleansing agents.
Limit your coffee drinking, alcohol consumption as well as chocolate consumption.
Avoid eating rice, vegetables, nuts, seeds, red meat, red drinks, red wine, artificially colored drinks, fruits, milk and dairy. One commonly made mistake is when patients drink plenty of Gatorade or other sports drinks because they were told to keep hydrated but most of the sports drinks are artificially colored and flavored. It is ok to eat clear broth, chicken broth, steamed chicken, broiled fish, soft-boiled eggs, mashed potatoes, cheese, it should mostly be white or clear color foods.

One day before colonoscopy:

it's ok to drink white tea, water, regular tea and some doctors are even ok with coffee. Coffee is a wonderful drink but it can cause problems for people with gastro-intestinal disorders. It's ok to drink apple juice, white grape juice, fat-free clear broth, strained fruit juices(not red or purple).
Drink at least every hour to prevent dehydration. If you are choosing sports drink, please get clear or lemon or ginger flavored types.

The day of the colonoscopy procedure:

The last step in following the diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation is the day of the colonoscopy and you can drink up to three to four hours before the procedure.
Tell your doctor if you must take certain medications.

There are specific foods for Diet Before Colonoscopy

There are specific foods you can eat and certain foods you will want to stay away from. What are some of the healthy foods you will want to eat?

What you want to focus on instead are light foods. Here are some foods you can eat a few days before you go in for a colonoscopy.

Light cheeses, preferably small portions
Eggs are a healthy light food you can eat (boiled)
Light soups with plenty of vegetables in it (preferably non processed)

Here are some of the fluids you should drink as a part of a Diet Before Colonoscopy.

Plain tea
Soup broth
Any drink that is colored, especially if it is red or purple
Dark colored jello

Diet Before Colonoscopy is very tough on a persons body and the actual Colonoscopy is tough as well.

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