Diet Yeast Infection

Diet Yeast Infection

Diet Yeast Infection: You must have heard of the horrible consequences of having too much yeasts in the body. Having them inside your body means you are not balanced, and that you must clean up your system to make these bacteria go away for good. A good way to 'clean up' your body is by following a diet yeast infection.

Diet Yeast Infection

Diet Yeast infection happens when Candida, a group of species, live and grow inside a person's body rapidly. While it is normal to have them inside our bodies, when they grow everywhere and outnumber the good bacteria which live in the intestinal flora, then by all means you should be alarmed.

These happen to babies, White patches in the mouth are an indication of yeast infection, and men can have yeasts in their penis when they are infected by a sexual partner who has this disease. This means that anyone can be infected as long as his immune system is weak enough, he's taking antibiotics, eats food which cause yeasts to live and of course, his stress levels are always high.

While it is advisable to take some medicines or natural cures to make these yeasts go away, it is not enough if you keep eating mindlessly everyday. What this means is that, you should keep your body clean enough to keep these bacteria from breeding and multiplying.

Which is why it is recommended that you follow a diet yeast infection. What is it, anyway? It is not complicated as long as you the basic rules.

The basic rule in a yeast infection diet is you should not eat anything that has starch, sugar or yeasts in it, because that's what makes yeasts survive.

That means you should exclude refined sugar from your diet, as well as baked food like pastries, cakes and muffins, because they contain what the yeasts need to live. Do not take in sources of sugar like brown sugar, molasses and maple syrup, among others. Fruits which have hidden sugars must also be avoided, as well as their juices, whether they are natural or not. Do not even drink wine, alcohol and beer, because they provide - yes, you guessed it - sugar. Fermented food groups like salad dressings, and drinks like root beer are no-no's. Anything that is fermented must be avoided. Lastly, food products which are dried, pickled and smoked are not healthy for you.

Instead, consume lots of yogurt with Acidophilus, a good bacteria which will help restore your balance. Also, do not forget to eat raw garlic, as it is a natural antibiotic which kills off the bad bacteria. If you cannot take its smell you can eat it in tablet or powder form, so long as it is made of pure garlic.

Boost your immune system with olive oil everyday and of course, take three to six drops of Oregano oil to finish off the yeasts.

A healthy Diet yeast infection like this one with a natural or medicated treatment can help restore your balance and kill off the yeasts for sure. Diet Yeast Infection

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