Ulcer Diet

Ulcer Diet, Sometimes known as management of the disease, stomach ulcers can be a crushing burden for the victim and his family (although ulcers are more common in men than in women). The cause ulcers that are not really even know there is no real cure. Surgery is sometimes, but not always effective and is more common that the patient must follow a special diet.

Ulcer Diet

An ulcer is an ulcer of the mucosa of the stomach or duodenum, the coating being partially destroyed. When hydrochloric acid produced b the stomach for digestion touches the pain, the patient feels pain. To make matters worse, the ulcer patients seem to produce more acid than others, hindering the healing process.

One of the important things about the treatment of ulcers or Ulcer Diet is to always have some food in the stomach to absorb the acid. Small and bland foods are the best and nothing to scratch or chip the wrong place to be avoided.

The following foods are presented for the victim ulcer for Ulcer Diet to avoid:

Lemon juice
Hot food
The very cold food
Very hot or cold drinks
Strong alcohol
Rich cakes
Wholemeal bread
Doughnuts or small bread dough
Crackers or whole wheat based cakes or oat flour, oatmeal, nuts, spices or nuts
Fired food (hot fat contains an acid that irritates the stomach)
Baked or grilled cheese
Pickled or very seasonal fish, fried fish also
Jam with seeds (except soft)
Thick vegetables
Whole vegetables or thick vegetables such as cabbage or celery. Vegetables should be crushed first
Mounting with family meals

Special cooking can be avoided if the diet is the basis of family meals there. The whole family can have vegetables while the patient has the same pureed vegetables. For this reason, it is extremely helpful to have a blender or food mill.

Since people suffering from ulcer can not be highly seasoned or spicy foods, they can be added to other parts after the patient was removed from the antenna.

The way food is cooked is very important too. Fry is prohibited because it makes the undigested food and hot fat contains a substance called acrolein irritates the lining of the intestine. Some suffer from ulcer treatment may be made by the smell of frying, so it is best to cut completely.

Roasting substitutes are healthy for frying and improve the health of the family too. Poaching, boiling, baking, simmering and roasting (but not in fat and roasted potatoes) are all good methods. Sauces should be strained and skim fat. Try to stay away from onions and herbs as they can cause pain.

emergency food

For those times when the ulcer is causing particular suffering (usually if the patient is worried or stressed), baby food and soft rose hip syrup are excellent standby.

A typical day

As already mentioned, one of the most important things about this diet is that food should be taken frequently. A typical meal:

Awakening: weak tea
Breakfast: egg, lightly boiled bacon is the barbecue, grilled fish, scrambled or poached egg. Tea.
Mid-morning: milk drink and biscuit or plain cake.
Lunch: meat or fish or chicken with sweet authorized or vegetables.
Tea: tea light, plain cake, sandwiches or bread and butter with jam.
Afternoon: meat, fish, egg or cheese plate with authorized vegetables. An alternative is the soup with sandwiches. As a milk pudding.
Bedtime: milk drink.

If work commitments make it difficult for the regime, cookies on single or enamel milk tablets. bookmarks this article for Ulcer Diet

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