Unexplained Weight Loss

Unexplained weight loss could be tied to your mental health. Mental health issues that can lead to excessive weight loss include the following, and can be treated with therapy and/or drugs:

* Grief
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Anorexia nervosa

Unexplained Weight Loss

Chronic conditions affecting your digestive system can lead to weight loss that cannot otherwise be explained. The following are some symptoms that, when connected with unexplained weight loss, can be a sign of a digestive issue.

* Diarrhea, constipation or other bowel problems
* Belching, flatulence, indigestion or heartburn
* Nausea and/or vomiting
* Abdominal pain or swelling

These can be signs of:
* Stomach ulcer
* Inflammatory bowel disease
* Chronic liver disease
* Malabsorption
* Diabetes, Type 1 or Type 2
* Hyperhtyroidism
* Cancer of the stomach, gallbladder, pancreas or liver
* Gastrointestinal disease
* Endocrine disorders

The elderly can also suffer from excessive weight loss for a variety of reasons:
* Ill-fitting dentures
* Alzheimer's
* Dementia
* Stroke
* Neglect
* Difficulty preparing meals
* Inability to purchase food, whether because of money problems or physical problems

Weight loss can also occur in people of any age because of medications they have been prescribed. If you've recently started medication, or if your doctor has started you on medication, and you've experiences weight loss, contact your doctor and let them know.
Tapeworms, which can be contracted from undercooked fish, pork or beef, can cause unexplained weight loss. Symptoms of tapeworms range from none at all to constant hunger but with no weight gain, abdominal pain, digestive problems or worms in stool. In short, no weight loss is unexplained.

People often find diets to lose a few pounds. Weight loss is, in fact, desired by those aware of the calories. Lose weight by following a proper diet and exercise is considered a great success but unexplained, loss of weight without even trying for it, is certainly a cause for deep concern. unexplained is a symptom of several serious diseases.

The temporary weight loss or minimal, unintentionally, is very good and some people may be pleasantly surprised. Body weight depends on genetic factors, caloric intake, general health, physical activity, age, absorption of nutrients, lifestyle, etc. Once you reach middle age, the weight is relatively stable year after year. Finding the cause behind the sudden loss of weight is important that treatment be started earlier. Let's look at the reasons for unexplained.

Unexplained weight loss in women

Unexplained in women is attributable to mental health problems such as stress and anxiety. hormonal imbalance in women can lead to loss. Unexplained in men
Dementia, depression, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer's disease are other common causes of unexplained weight loss in men. Unexplained weight loss in children

Diarrhea, infections, malnutrition, dehydration, tuberculosis are common causes of unexplained weight loss in children. Age is also an important factor associated with rapid weight loss and unexplained. It will help to improve the body's metabolic rate, which in turn burns body fat. Too Many "Low-Fat" Foods - On the list of little known reasons for unexplained weight gain is that often people believe they could load up on so-called "low-fat" food items and never put on weight.

Comfort Eating - Here is one more of the typical causes for unexplained weight gain that folks very easily become victim of. One of the leading triggers for unexplained weight gain is the fact that even though individuals might actually eat from the food selection their own diet plan suggests, there is absolutely no exercise involved with it. Getting a weight loss program that matches your present way of life is a vital thing to achieve success.

Understanding the everyday, typical causes for unexplained weight gain is a good initial step for just about any beginning dieter. If you are guilty these, or any other, contributing factors of weight gain, determine what you can do to prevent restricting your own personal weight loss objectives.

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