Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve

Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve: Sleeve gastrectomy or as it is commonly mentioned, gastric sleeve surgery, is a bariatric surgery procedure, which introduces the patient to a substantially changed life. The liquid diet, which a patient needs to keep for the first few days after surgery requires an immediate change in nutrition what the gastric sleeve patient experiences right after recovering from anesthesia.

weight loss after gastric sleeve

Weight loss begins with the liquid diet, virtually with the first post-operative day. It continues at a dramatic pace as liquid diet is followed by a transitional soft food diet needed to help the stomach accommodate. To secure a positive outcome of the operation, complication-free recovery, and an ideal rate of weight loss, surgeons recommend that the process of eating solid food again to be smooth and gradual.

Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve, What to keep to during the first post-operative months

Smaller amounts of food at one meal. during gastric sleeve procedure the stomach of the patient is reduced to the size of a pouch. Patients feel full much earlier than they are used to. Never eat more than suggested by the bariatric surgeon and dietitian, and never drink water together with your meal. Post-operative diet leads to noticeable weight loss.

Healthy lifestyle. No bariatric procedure is able to produce long-term, sustained weight loss results if it is not helped by healthy lifestyle changes. Your weight loss surgeon will give you a detailed explanation of why these changes are needed and about the way they lead to weight loss. Look up a support group in your area and join in to benefit from the emotional and motivational support that only people who have already been through what you are going through can give.

Exercise. Though you probably know it theoretically that physical activity is needed to give the body strength and tone, it is time for you to implement this knowledge into everyday life. If you exercise regularly you will be able to boost your immune system, increasing this way your body's ability to resist and fight disease! Don't forget that regular physical activity burns calories and fat!
Long-term result is matter of commitment and determination

Gastric sleeve surgery will not change the person you are, but it will change the variety of options you have in life. You need to find the willpower needed to face every challenge raised on your weight loss journey. Your body and your mind will thank you for the new, better and healthier quality of life! Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve

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