Banana Diet

Banana Diet, I have to say, I wondered "how can eating bananas all day help you lose weight? Aren't bananas fattening?"
The reason the banana diet for weight loss works is actually very simple:
While the name "banana diet" or "morning banana diet" may sound a bit quirky, there is actually some pretty solid logic behind this philosophy.

Banana Diet

Have you heard about the banana diet? It's the easiest ever weight loss diet, and it really works. Millions of people throughout the world are using the banana diet successfully. Although the banana diet is very simple, What Is the Banana Diet?
Here is the banana diet in a nutshell. Eat raw bananas for breakfast and drink room temperature water.

Now let's look at 3 Tips for using the banana diet successfully.

1. Eat Your Bananas for Breakfast

Although the banana diet is very simple, there is one unbreakable rule. You must eat raw bananas for breakfast, but nothing else for this meal -- don't be tempted to eat something else for breakfast, and then eat bananas later in the day.

2. Eat Only Raw Bananas for Breakfast

You can eat as many bananas as you wish. Eat your bananas, and drink room temperature water.

3. Drink Water With Your Bananas

However it is good practice to drink at least a couple of glasses of water during the morning, during the afternoon, and in the evening too.

If you've been on many diets you may want to over-complicate the banana diet. With the banana diet the only meal you need to pay attention to is breakfast. Enjoy the banana diet, and enjoy your weight loss. If you want to lose weight you've probably heard of the banana diet. Weight loss should be complicated, shouldn't it?

The banana diet is the simplest diet in the world. In the past four months, I've lost 25 pounds on the banana diet, and have made just one change to my diet.

1. Why I Love the Banana Diet

Here is the banana diet in a sentence: eat bananas and drink room temperature water for your breakfast. That's it, that's the entire diet. That's why I love the banana diet -- you can remember it, it doesn't take any time at all, and you lose weight.

2. How Much Can You Expect to Lose?

I have several clients on the banana diet. That said how much you lose on the diet depend on how much weight you have to lose in total. Why not give the banana diet try? You'll find that you lose weight within the first few days, and what's more you'll feel great.

3. Is the Banana Diet Good for You?

Bananas are packed with nutrients, so the banana diet is good for you. Since you're eating a normal diet for the rest of the day, the diet is not restrictive. Yes it can, try the banana diet yourself and you'll soon become a convert and will lose weight effortlessly.
So maybe you've heard of the diet involving eating bananas and nothing but bananas. A big push is the banana diet and weight loss.

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