Does Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight

Does Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight, Let's get right to the point, soda does not do the body good. Most people falsely believe that diet soda is helping them lose weight, but in fact, it is sabotaging their weight loss efforts. I just read a study recently that stated that there is evidence that diet soda drinkers gain more weight than regular soda drinkers. This idea may be a shock to some diet soda lovers.

Does Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight

One of the first problems with diet sodas is the artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners fool your body into craving more carbohydrate based foods, which in turn makes you eat more carbs later, thus gaining more weight. Studies show that diet soda drinkers eat more food because they subconciously believe that they saved on calories with a diet drink.

The first, most obvious healthy alternative to drink is pure water. I opted to start the master cleanser with lemon, grade A or B maple syrup, pure water, and a pinch of cayenne pepper, for the circulation, and some mint tea. I lost 20 pounds of water weight in 10 days. This can be modified, of course to upon waking, just drink a glass of fresh squeezed lemon water.

My favorite alternative to diet drinks is green tea, slightly steeped. It has spoonfuls of sugar and nasty chemicals and drinking it regularly is a sure recipe for weight gain.
But what about diet soda? Epidemiologist and researcher Sharon Fowler from the University of Texas Health Science Centre found that the more diet soda a person drinks, the more weight they are likely to gain. It has been suggested that drinking a diet drink may make you think that you can eat more of everything else.

The artificial sweeteners in the diet soda may confuse your body's ability to judge how many calories you are consuming as you are getting something sweet but not the calories.
Since you are drinking diet soda and not regular soda, you may think that eating that last piece of dessert is OK. Even though regular soda has about 9 - 12 teaspoons of sugar, your dessert may have double that amount of sugar and calories.

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