Paleolithic Diet

Paleolithic diet is a diet that contains only natural foods that aim to help you achieve great health. The diet is also called the 'Stone Age' diet and it is a nutritional plan based on the assumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals that were consumed by humans during the Paleolithic era. The diet mostly consists of meat and eggs as the key components. The diet insists that all vegetables should be eaten raw. Oils extracted from plants such as olive oil, nut oils and flax seed oils are also allowed into the diet. Organ meats and bone marrow are also acceptable in this diet. In the Paleo diet, Omega-6 is generally obtained from seeds. As a general rule the Paleo diet does not allow adding salt to food. Food should only be eaten when hunger pangs strikes. Proponents of the paleolithic diet argue that people who feed on traditional diets that are very similar to those of the Stone Age, are free of lifestyle diseases.

Paleolithic Diet

The Paleolithic Diet Period

Paleolithic diet ancestral diet of the Caveman. The modern Paleolithic diet consists of the same foods eaten by the Caveman. Why follow a diet over 10,000 years old? Paleolithic Diet Paleolithic Men and Women. Paleolithic people lived from caves to cave. Not being able to plant food resulted in the Caveman always traveling looking for food. Their diet consisted of lean meat, wild birds, wild poultry, bird eggs, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, roots, leaves, seeds, nuts and herbs. The Paleolithic period is pre-agriculture.

The period after the Paleolithic period is the Neolithic period. The caveman's diet did not consist of potatoes, wheat, beans, peas or legumes. Raw these food content toxins. In the Neolithic period cooking these foods killed most of the toxins making them edible and extending man's diet. When foods cooked enzyme blockers and lectins toxins make foods edible but toxins not completely destroyed.

Hunting for animals, wild game and poultry. The Paleo people's diet was subject to the seasons. There were no food preservatives or refrigeration. Materials were wood from trees, tree branches, animal bones, animal antler, animal teeth, shells and other stones. The Paleolithic people have left Modern Man the wisdom of the Paleolithic Diet. Weight loss, weight maintenance, increase energy, anti-toxic diet, improves health and maintains healthy longevity.

Eat and live healthy of  Paleolithic Diet

Growing in popularity, the Paleolithic diet, or caveman diet, has helped thousands of people return to a normal body weight. The modern paleo diet includes commonly available foods like cultivated plants and domesticated animal meat in lieu of the wild sources for the preagricultural diet. The paleolithic diet is mainly comprised of foods that can be hunted and fished, such as meat and fish. Variations in the diet originate from uncertainties in which foods best mimic those of our ancestors. All paleo supporters exclude grains, legumes, dairy products, and refined sugars from their diet. For practitioners of the paleo diet, roughly 60% of the food energy should be derived from animal products and 40% from plants.

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