How to make children eat vegetables

Generally speaking, kids do not like vegetables, Why?.. Because the parents, are so desperate for them to eat something orange and green on a daily basis that we do not teach our kids to like vegetables.

How to make children eat vegetables

Think about that. Kids like the foods we teach them to like. We reward with lollies, party foods, even fruit on a daily basis, we teach them that they will get dessert if they eat their boring main meal. When they behave well we hand out sweet treats and take these away when they are not so good. It is our habit of craving and treating ourselves with sweet foods that basically infers that the rather bland tasting vegetables are inferior.

Here are some ideas on ways to increase your child’s vegetable intake:

First of all, do not make a fuss and insist that the children eat all their vegetables. Sometimes making a big deal and insisting that the child eat the vegetables can do more harm than good,with the child becoming more stubborn in an attempt to exert their independence.

Simply put the vegetables on the plate and encourage your child to try the vegetables. If they still do not want to eat them, allow them to leave them but at the next meal continue to put them on the plate. A child will eat the vegetables eventually if they are hungry.

The key step for parents is to not offer the child any other types of food in place of the vegetables. When this occurs, the child learns that if they do not eat their peas or broccoli they will get extra potato or meat, which will in turn encourage them to keep refusing the vegetables.

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