BMI Calculator Women And Men

Calculate BMI Calculator For Women

To most women, BMI calculations might seem a very complicated and complex process that has no hope of understanding. However, that is completely untrue because BMI calculation for women is not some scientific secret or magic. It operates firstly by comparing your height and weight before dividing your weight by your height and then squaring it. So what kind of work goes on behind the scenes of BMI calculations that eventually help us arrive as that special BMI number?

BMI Calculator Women And Men

At first BMI calculations for women may seem complicated but it is actually not as the most basic BMI calculation uses the formula kg/m2 which basically means your weight in kilograms(kg) divided by your height in meters(m), squared(your height(m) times itself). Now a woman who weighs about 150 pounds has roughly a weight of 67 kilograms. The final BMI result for the woman would then be 23.2.

For instance, a BMI of 18.5 or below shows that a woman is underweight and the normal weight range BMI reading would be 18.6 to 24.9. An overweight woman will receive a BMI result of 25 to 29.9 and a BMI which is greater than 30 basically means obesity. So if you are a woman with a BMI reading of 23.5 then you are healthy and within the normal weight range according to the calculations of the BMI.

There is another way of calculating BMI for woman if you do not wish to convert feet and pounds to meters and kilograms. Take the pounds which are 150 and times it by 4.88 giving you 732, then derive the woman's height in feet squared which is (5.5 times 5.5) which is 30.25 feet squared. 

Calculate BMI Calculator For Men

Basically BMI which is also known as body mass index is used to calculate whether a person's weight is at a healthy level for his or her height. BMI even though used very frequently by men, does not usually tell a man if he is at a healthy normal weight but it does however indicate to men if he indeed is overweight or not. Having said that, BMI does help most average built men.

Now comes the part on how to calculate BMI for men. Basically, the formula for calculating BMI for men is weight divided by height squared or in simpler terms can also be seen as kg/m2. For instance if you are a man who weighs about 200 pounds then you would have roughly a weight of about 90 kilograms. Well here is a summary of a BMI chart which would help you indicate which weight group you would belong to upon getting your BMI number after the equation. For a man to be underweight, his BMI has to be 18.5 or below.

Men who fall between 18.6 to 24.9 indicates a normal weight range. Overweight men will have a BMI number of 25 to 29.9 and of course a number which shows 30 or more means that the man is obese. For those men that are not sure when it comes to converting pounds to kilograms or feet to meters then there is another method of calculating your BMI. Right after that, take that number and divide it by your height in feet squared.

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