Macrobiotic Diet Tips and Reviews

The diet includes stiff restrictions and regulations. It guarantees that your body will get a full range of healthy essential foods and nutrients.

Macrobiotic Diet Tips and Reviews

Initially, the macrobiotic diet is considered as a specific variety of a vegetarian diet. Whole grains are responsible for 50-60 percent of your total calorie intake.
Fresh vegetables should also be a part of your program. Vegetables should always be included in any health program. The vegetable you may eat includes beans and soy products. A typical macrobiotic diet will consist of the following:
o Soup - 1-2 cups/day
o Beans - 5-10%
o Vegetables - 25-30%
o Whole grains - 50-60%
o Nuts, fish, fruits, miso soup - 5-20%

Tips and Advice on Starting a Macrobiotics Diet

It is a low fat, high-fiber diet, which is principally a vegetarian diet. The macrobiotic diet emphasizes the consumption of the following food types:

o Whole grains include whole-wheat berries, millet, barley, rye, buckwheat, brown rice and corn.
o Cooked beans or bean products make up ten percent of the meal per day.
o Small portions of fish or seafood may be eaten several times a week. Poultry eggs, dairy and meat are prohibited.
o Nuts and seeds must be eaten in moderation. You must pass up on eating tropical fruits.
o Substitute cooking oil with the refined ones such as dark sesame oil, mustard oil and corn oil. Changing your food preferences is worth it.

How Does Macrobiotic Diet Work?

Examples are the people of the Incas and people of the Chinese Han Dynasty. In the macrobiotic diet, you will be eating very natural foods. You will not necessarily have to eat raw foods, but you will be required to eat foods near their whole state if possible. You will be able to eat rice: brown rice to be exact.

The foods that followers have to eat include the following:
o Tofu and tempeh
o Soba noodles
o Beans
o Seaweed
o Vegetables
o Fermented soy products
o Legumes
o Whole grain cereals
o Fruits
o Brown rice

Remember that in order to eat healthily, you must eat using the right combinations. Always sustain the right "yin and yang" of good digestion.

Great Summary of  Macrobiotic Diet by Harold McDaniels

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