Scarsdale Diet

To ensure your success on the Scarsdale Diet, the information that follows is a basic overview of the rules and tips to make you successful in your weight loss quest.

Scarsdale Diet
Scarsdale Diet

Scarsdale Diet Information Basics

Stick to the outlined Scarsdale diet information plan. Do not substitute foods. o Alcohol or alcoholic beverages including beer and wine.

o No prepackaged salad dressings. Stick to lemon and vinegar vinaigrettes. You may use some fat free packaged dressings when you are on the maintenance plans.
o No mayonnaise or condiments except ketchup (sugar free) and mustard.
o You cannot eat these vegetables: corn, peas, lentils, any type of beans except green beans or wax beans, avocadoes.
o No potatoes of any kind (such as white, red, sweet and yams).
o Do not add any sugar, cream, milk or honey to coffee or tea. o No protein bars, energy drinks, protein drinks and meal replacement drinks or shakes.

Scarsdale Diet Information Tips Adding Interest

Here are some Scarsdale diet information tips to help you spice up your diet and give it pizzazz; so you don't give up and quit before you reach your weight loss goals:

o Between meals you can eat carrot sticks and celery sticks. Give these a little more flavor by adding some seasoning salt or other spice.
o Use spices abundantly when you are cooking your meals. Spices add flavor without adding calories. Some examples include parsley, oregano, thyme, salt (sparingly), pepper, cayenne and many more.
o You can use limited quantities of mustard, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and cocktail sauce.
o Drink no calorie flavored waters, such as club soda and seltzer water. o Add lemon to your tea or water for a little added flavor and the lemon is a natural diuretic to flush toxins out of your body.

Scarsdale Diet Information Tips for Optimum Weight Loss

In order to achieve the best results for your hard efforts; here are a few suggestions to ensure you achieve maximum weight loss.

o Remove the skin from chicken and any visible fats from all meats you consume.
o Drink at least four 8-ounce glasses of water a day, preferably with lemon in it. You can substitute seltzer water or club soda.
o Eat proper portion sizes
o Do not eat while engaging in other activities such as watching television or reading the newspaper.

Scarsdale Diet Portion Sizes by Food Group

There has been some misconception about the Scarsdale diet portion sizes in the diet. The Scarsdale diets are founded on the principle that you eat until your hunger is satisfied (or you are in other words full) and then you stop eating. In order to help folks know how much they can eat, here is a list of Scarsdale diet portion sizes; broken down into food groups; with a portion size comparison for you to follow. Hopefully this will guide those who want to have maximum weight loss while on this diet.

Scarsdale Portion Sizes for the Carbohydrate Food Group
The main component of the diet carbohydrate group is the protein bread. There really are no other Scarsdale portions for the carbohydrate food group that you will need to measure.

Scarsdale Diets Portion Sizes for the Meat Food Group
The meat food group receives a lot of attention in this diet portion sizes you will measure. Since meat is a protein and the Scarsdale diet is high in protein you will be eating meat at a lot of you meals.
A good rule to use when measuring portions and sizes for the meat food group is to have a serving of meat about the size of your palm. This will roughly give you the required Scarsdale portions and sizes for the meat food group.

Scarsdale Diet Portions for the Fruits and Vegetables Food Group
Vegetables offer fiber, vitamins and minerals without consuming a lot of calories. Other vegetables such as green beans, carrots, mushrooms have a Scarsdale portion size of about what will fit in one cupped hand. If you have a big appetite though, the vegetable category is so low calorie these diet portions and sizes are the ones you want to increase and fill up on. The Scarsdale portion sizes for fruit are always ½ a grapefruit and a medium fruit about the size of your fist for all others. If the fruit is cut up, generally what will fit in your cupped hand will give you the Scarsdale portion sizes for fruits.

Scarsdale Diet Portions for the Fat Food Group
Fats themselves (such as butter, margarine, and mayonnaise) are not allowed on the diet; so you have no need to worry about the Scarsdale diet sizes for this one!
Remember you should always consult your health care provider before beginning any diet regimen.

Great Summary of Scarsdale Diet by Pieter West

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