Usana Vitamins Reviews

Usana Health Sciences Inc. is a Salt Lake based business that specializes in marketing of food supplements and vitamins. Usana Health Sciences Inc. is associated with several controversies because of their price range for their vitamins. Lots of people have opened blogs just to state their complaints about the products. 

Usana Vitamins Reviews

Usana uses a networking marketing policy when selling products. They allow average people become members of their multi-national company and every time these members sell the products, they will get commissions. These seem like a positive-positive thing since you will be getting the advantages of the products and earn money at the same time. 

Usana is associated with controversies about the prices of their vitamins and supplementations. Many people have said that they have felt unexplainable negative effects after taking a few Usana products including but not limited to usana vitamins, Some people have benefited from using Usana products and some have not.

Information on USANA Vitamins

It's hard to accurately determine if USANA vitamins are better or worse in terms of quality compared to their competitors but their have been some negative reviews on these vitamins on the internet specifically but USANA has often proved these wrong.

In the year 1992, a brilliant microbiologist and medical researcher named Myron Wentz set up USANA Health Sciences Inc. In a relatively small period of time, the company he created has grown into one of the largest nutritional supplement companies in the world. Today the company sells its usana vitamins in more than thirteen countries worldwide with annual turnover exceeding $500 million. USANA Health Sciences was part of the Forbes "200 Best Small Companies" list for three years in a row (2004-2006).

It is the only company in the nutritional supplement industry which uses pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) to manufacture its products unlike other supplement companies which follow the GMP for food products. The company's products can be divided into three main categories viz. nutritional supplements, diet and personal care.

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