Health Insurance Humana

Humana was started in 1961 by two lawyers who started a business building nursing homes. Four of their friends invested $1,000 each. They created a Heritage home and eventually owned 6 more nursing homes in 1968. They were able to expand when they acquire a hospital in Alabama. Finally in 1974, this nursing business was named Humana which now focuses on hospital business. During the 80's it has become the world's largest hospital company. Humana Health Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies that offer a wide range of products and services on top of their health insurance. Humana also serves military, seniors, individuals and many others. They are committed in helping employers and individual in managing cost for their health care.

Health Insurance Humana

The following are Humana Health Insurance plans and products.

1. Group Insurance is used by employers or companies in providing health care benefits to their employees. You will be provided with information to help you decide a plan that suits your need.

2. Medicare Plans includes coverage for prescription drugs. From basic to rich coverage, you will find one that you are looking for including top-notch facilities and services.

3. Individual Plans is best for those who are self-employed, retired or in a company that has no insurance coverage. This plan is designed to fit your lifestyle, health history and your age.

4. Specialty Benefits include dental insurance, life insurance, disability coverage, accident insurance, vision care, workplace voluntary benefits, employee assistance programs, critical illness coverage and supplemental health.

Humana Health Insurance also involves in social responsibility and help Americans build a healthy lifestyle. Humana Foundation started in 1981 which focus on health care, culture, education and disaster relief. They also help in supporting schools that specialized on students with disabilities. Today, this corporate involvement to community is continuously helping and supporting individuals across the country.

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