4 Causes of Obesity in Children

Obesity in children has been a growing problem all over world. More and more children are at risk from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and more, conditions that are usually associated with obesity. In order to protect our children from suffering from these conditions we must first understand the cause of obesity so as to identify and do the necessary actions to prevent them from experiencing these.

4 Causes of Obesity in Children

I've list here four (4) of the main causes of obesity.

Reason #1 Food Intake: One major cause of obesity is the food that children eat. Children today are more reliant in eating fast food, processed snacks and sugary drinks, foods that are high in fat and calories. These foods contribute greatly to children being obese so it's important to monitor and keep track of the kinds of food that our children eat.

Reason #2 Physical Inactivity: Another reason for obesity is the physical inactivity of children. TV, video games, computers, iPad's the internet and more are the new fads in many of the developed countries. Children and teenagers alike are relying more and more in these gadgets for entertainment and pastime instead of doing physical activities such as playing sports, exercising, etc.

Reason #3 Family Background: Children who live in a family of obese parents are more likely to be obese themselves. A family's eating patterns, lifestyle and exercise habits have a major influence on whether a child maintains a healthy lifestyle or not. Obese parents might not have too much concern on the weight of their children thus are less likely to monitor them.

Reason#4 Genetics: Genetics also play a major role in a child being obese. If there is a history of obesity in a family, chances are the children will become obese themselves. In cases like this it is more important for parents to monitor closely the eating patterns and lifestyle of their children to prevent them from being obese.

These are the major causes for children being obese. It is important to remember and understand these causes so parents can closely monitor the lifestyle of their children and prevent them from being obese. It's important to have a more active role in the lives of our children, especially early in their development. It will be easier to build a healthy lifestyle early in their lives. A healthy lifestyle will lower risk of children to conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood and diabetes.


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