Health Insurance For College Students

Many students face the same problems every year with getting health insurance. I was one of them. My parents had me covered in their HMO plan, but when I decided to go to college outside of the state (I moved to California), my coverage got canceled because I moved outside of the network area. So there I was looking for health insurance and thinking that there had to be a cheaper way of getting health insurance for college student, without having to buy an expensive individual policy.

Health Insurance For College Students

There actually are plenty of options if you know where to look. Below I will let you in on the easiest ways to get insured:

Group Health Insurance

You probably know already that companies offer health insurance at much better rates than you can get as an individual. This is because the insurance company gives discounts in return for getting more customers. As a student you may not have a lot of time to work or maybe you do. In any case getting group insurance from a job is a good way of getting coverage while earning money. But make sure you check who qualifies for insurance before you sign the contract.

College Insurance

If you are considering leaving state, then it's worth checking if the college of your choice offers some kind of health care for college student. Most large universities do.

Join an organization

While organizations such as fraternities, sports clubs, churches etc. can not get group health rates, they can still get association rates which are lower than individual rates. This is something to consider for you. All cities, especially those with a college, have some kind of organizations and volunteering available. Check if one of them offers cheap student health insurance.


If you are really broke, you may consider checking if you qualify for Medicaid. Medicaid is a government sponsored health care system, but your income has to be below a certain level for you to qualify.


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